Elon Musk Warned All 50 Senators About Artificial Intelligence But No One Listened

He also announced potential new developments in human/machine hybridization

Telsa and Space X founder Elon Musk, business magnate, and self-proclaimed "business magnet" appeared on the Joe Rogan Podcast, in September. 

In the extended interview, Musk spoke about his attempts to warn US leaders about the dangers of the weaponization of artificial intelligence (AI).

Musk said, "I met with President Obama, all 50 state Senators.  I warned them all.  No one would listen."

He said he feared that artificial intelligence would be deployed by humans to be used against other humans.  

In spite of his concerns, Musk hinted at new developments in the hybridization of humans and machines, saying that there would be a major announcement in the next three months about a project called Neuralink. 

Musk said that human beings using smartphones are already cybernetic beings, but the bandwidth or data link, between a smartphone and human being, is limited by the speed with which data is exchanged.

He said, "The purpose of Neurolink is to create a high bandwidth interface to the brain such that we can be symbiotic with AI because we have a bandwidth problem.  You just can't communicate with your fingers, it's too slow."  

Neuralink hopes to increase that bandwidth by making communication with our smartphone devices significantly faster by plugging them directly into the human brain. 

Musk went on to express that regulation of AI would take many years, and that it would take a massive incident for the US government to get involved, followed by years before limitations would finally be placed on the emerging technology.  

Source: Joe Rogan Podcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycPr5-27vSI