Why TV's Diane Dimond Has Ruined 'Leaving Neverland' For Me

With the latest wave of Michael Jackson molestation allegations, a call to the wolves was made.  The wolves, in this case, are the throngs of now washed up journalists who have utilized the controversial documentary, Leaving Neverland, to reignite their worthless careers, of which their queen is former Hard Copy schlock jock, Diane Dimond.  

Diane Dimond and I share a special relationship, especially since she used my story - albeit a completely embellished and fabricated version - in her new book, without contacting me or compensating me.  To avoid being sued, she removed my name from the article but later admitted in an audio interview that the story was about me.  This is not new territory for Diane because I can name another infamous public figure whose story she told, falsified parts of the narrative, and never paid him, but he'll remain nameless.  

Not wanting to drag one of my closest friends into a public battle with Diane, I can tell you that he confided in me, at dinner one night, that when he questioned her about numerous inaccuracies in the book she'd written about him, she said, "It's good for the story," demonstrating Diane's ongoing personal battle with trumpeting her self-proclaimed upstanding honesty while wrestling with the third-party sourced fact that she's probably one of the most single dishonest journalists - if one even dared call her that - that I have ever encountered, a snake in the grass, schemingly purporting to be a "seasoned investigative journalist."

As soon as Leaving Neverland was announced, I'd expected her to appear in the film, since she is the journalist that claims to have broken the story.  Whether she broke the story is up for debate because there are also claims that it was Anthony Pellicano, Jacko's now-incarcerated private investigator and wiretapper to the stars, who first brought the subject matter to the public.  Like every other thing Diane says, we are left with only her word to gauge whether anything in her bio is actually true.  

I've not watched Leaving Neverland, but I'm assuming she's not in it, or she'd be out on the internet promoting her appearance.  As a documentary filmmaker, myself, I can understand why she's not in it, because her presence in the film would only serve to discredit the accusers.  But, again, my own experiences with Diane have taught me to never trust anything she says, especially when she starts claiming she has information from a source.  

In her drunken ramblings about me, she says I have been convicted with violent domestic assaults, public drunkenness, and host of other charges that cannot be found if one actually reads my now ancient criminal record.  She tells a harrowing tale of the time I asked a writer for Modern Family out on a date and even though the woman said yes, Diane's version of the story claims I was rejected and then stalked the writer all over Los Angeles and spit on her date even though the actual record reflects that when Dimond claimed all of this was happening, I was on tour with then-current Grammy Nominee Jordan Rudess, from legendary prog band, Dream Theater.  

Diane follows this media outlet on Twitter and whenever I try to ask her to correct her story, she accuses me of stalking her and harassing her, which is just... hilarious.  But that is how she really is.  During the period of time that I could have sued her for defamation, she claimed I was "delusional" when I mentioned her article.  The moment she could no longer be sued, she proudly announced that her fan-fiction was about me. 

Diane cannot reconcile the obvious false information she has published, with the actual facts, nor will she admit she was dishonest, for no other reason than it would confirm what most people already know about her, she's a professional liar and that she played a big part in tainting the legacy of Michael Jackson, manipulating the public in a way where watching Leaving Neverland takes people back to Dimond's original reporting as supporting evidence for the claims in the film, whether she's in it or not.  Diane has made me not trust anything I have ever heard about Michael Jackson, bottom line.  

I want to apologize to the alleged victims from Leaving Neverland, as well, because if the allegations in the film are true, then they deserve justice, but no matter how I process the entire affair, it's always with the knowledge that the original source for the allegations is Diane, the very same woman who accused me of attacking and shutting down a homelessness organization in California and causing the founder to flee the state, when the woman in questions was never in California and the organization she claims was shut down is registered to someone else and never had funding, in the first place.  

Oddly missing from Diane's article is the fact that to this day, an organization I proposed and funded is operating in Barstow, California, providing art supplies and art studio time for homeless and disabled people. I guess it should bother me that I've been accused of destroying a homelessness organization that never existed while not being given credit for the one that is out there helping people but what can one really do when they are the victim of Diane's wildly dishonest and Martini-skewed imagination?

As soon as Leaving Neverland was released, Diane jumped right on the exploitation train, looking to make a buck off the suffering of everyone involved, appearing on Dr. Oz and other morning shows, as a nostalgia act, desperately clamoring for one more fleeting moment in the spotlight.  It's not hard to see that she quickly and thoughtlessly cobbled together a book to sell as she hit the interview circuit to cash in on the latest wave of allegations.  

It probably doesn't take long for the ripped-off reader to notice that they just paid $7.99 for articles that are already published on her website, for free, and that it probably took her no less than four hours to compile her poorly formed anthology of idiocy.  

I can't say I'm angry that she is on TV or that she has somehow managed to maintain a career after all the terrible things she's done.  I don't like what she does but I don't wish any ill will towards her.  Afterall, a woman's got to eat, something I would imagine is pretty tough for her since one of her previous books can be found selling for a penny on Amazon.com, meaning she'd have to sell well over a hundred copies just to buy five packs of ramen noodles.  

As soon as Leaving Neverland was released, Creators Syndicate immediately started pumping Michael Jackson is a child molester themed  articles by Diane, which all reference her new book - I repeat, the one in which she admits she's partially written about me but hasn't paid me for - with no sense of shame, whatsoever.  Creator's is also aware that Diane is publishing false information about me, but they've made no effort to correct their reporting.  Shitbirds of a feather flock together, apparently.   

In Diane's audio interview about me, she claims the Hermosa Beach Police waited outside Creator's Syndicate's office, for four days, trying to stop me from getting a documentary interview with their editor.  The police have flatly denied these allegations and were actually appalled that someone would have the nerve to publish blatantly false information accusing their police agency of attempting to censor a documentary filmmaker making a documentary about Diane's false news.  I can't imagine a more appropriate group than the police to become witness to a member of the media being dishonest.  

In fact, her entire audio interview about me mostly focuses on how she called the Secret Service, Homeland Security, the FBI, the LA County DA's Office - She lives in Nyack, New York - to report me for defamation, for having the nerve to correct my own story and ask that she tell it honestly, instead of claiming I am a potential mass murderer.  She actually said that, saying I sent her an e-mail saying, "I am a potential mass gun shooter," because that's who she is, a master fabricator and plastered abdicator of my throne, the one in which I've generated more readers than her, more money than her, and zero legitimate news articles discrediting anything I have ever published. 

The subject matter of Leaving Neverland is very painful for me because I am also a victim of childhood abuse who was forced to live in silence my whole life.  I even have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of what I endured as the son of a sociopathic, racist, police officer.  The irony of my past lies in the fact that my wars with my father were the result of him buying me the album, Thriller, which caused me to want to become a musician, something he vehemently opposed.  "No son of mine is going to be a dirtbag musician.  I arrest those punks all night!" 

Michael Jackson inspired me, along with Metallica and Def Leppard, to become an artist and later embark on a journey that made me everything I am, today.  Not only does understanding the cries of the alleged victims in the movie resonate with me but having such an influential character in my life, Michael Jackson, wrecked and removed from his own reputability only takes the only good moments of my childhood and makes those bad, too.  I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.  

Adding Diane in to the equation, there is no way I can watch the film without being reminded that Dimond is to me what Michael Jackson is to his accusers, a predator.  

In her book, there is an article about the behaviors of child molesters, who often say, "Who are they going to believe, an adult, or a child?"  All I have to do is replace the a few words and the statement becomes, "Who are they going to belive, Diane, a seasoned investigative journalist, or Matthew Berdyck?" or something she and numerous people connected to her have actually said to me.  I imagine she pursued Jackson so viciously because she saw something of herself reflected in him.  

In another part of her book she talks about her inability to commit perjury and disdain for people who do, claiming her parents instilled a sense of honesty in her that genetically requires her to never tell a lie.  Reading that passage, for me, created nothing less than a sinister feeling, since a friend of Diane's had used her false article about me as a piece of evidence in a court of law, a man who attempted to file a false Civil Stalking Protection Order against me, even though I had never met him in my entire life.   That case was later dismissed, twice, because all of the evidence was fabricated. 

I can only hope that the alleged victims in Leaving Neverland find peace and that telling their story gave them some form of closure, whether they are telling the truth or not, because as of this writing I have received none, as Diane continues to relentlessly defame me and profit from selling her alcohol induced, poorly-spun yarn, about Matthew Berdyck, the mean man who had the nerve to ask Diane to tell the truth.  

Maybe someday I will get my own Leaving Neverland type movie and also get peace but as long as Dimond is alive I will live in this intensely abusive situation, with no recourse.  And as long as Diane is the source for the allegations against Michael Jackson, after everything I have endured, I cannot possibly take the statements in Leaving Neverland as fact, because I know that the very foundation for everything he was accused of was delivered to the world by a pathological liar and professional disinformation artist named Diane Dimond. 

Matthew Berdyck is an experimental gonzo filmmaker, journalist, activist, and philanthropist, most notably known for his national environmental campaigns.  He's made solicited major cable network TV pilots (Adult Swim), music videos for Grammy Nominees, experimental documentaries, and short films.  His writing pieces on the subject of toxic waste have been read by millions of people in The United States. He is the founder of SuperfundResearch.org, an environmental activism and EPA watchdog group. In 2018 he founded Daily Independent Journal, an investigative journalism outlet dedicated to speaking truth to power and exposing the sordid, slimy, underbelly of reality.

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