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The Morris Operation, located in Morris, Illinois, is the home to what is billed as the nations only high-level radioactive waste storage facility in The U.S, which stores spent Uranium 235 fuel rods... Continue Reading
14 million tons of uranium tailings being moved to 400 acre desert disposal site
The Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project, or UMTRA, is a Department of Energy program to clean up uranium mill tailings, or the byproduct of uranium refinement for the creation of nuclear... Continue Reading

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Drug companies' enormous wealth and power keep these drugs on the shelves in spite of thousands of deaths
I met a man, last year, in a hotel lobby in Los Angeles, California, who first told me about Cipro poisoning, how it had ravaged his body, and devoured his life. I'd heard of Cipro, the same drug... Continue Reading


NORTHDALE, Florida - It was a bit of a rough night for Cannibal Corpse guitarist, Pat O'Brien, who burned down his own house, broke into another,... Continue Reading
DIJ Exclusive - The metal world has been abuzz with rumors of original producer Ross Robinson's return to the production helm of Slipknot, since band... Continue Reading
Slipknot surprised their fans, today, with a Halloween treat, by dropping a new single for their song 'All Out Life,' coupled with a video directed... Continue Reading

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Ross has endured over a decade of allegations that he's a cyber predator
Columbus filmmaker, Peter John Ross, had his Twitter account suspended, today, for violations of the Twitter's terms of use.  There was no indication... Continue Reading

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The Irish band had played a handful of songs when the singer apologised to the crowd, saying: "I think we can't go on. It's not right for you." Those... Continue Reading