Investigative Journalism

Meet the man luring homeless people from California to Florida, to be enslaved in his home
Updates:  This article is being continually updated as this saga continues to unfold.  The article has been updated to reflect that Luis is billing the state of California for his Greyhound tickets... Continue Reading
Darth Vader, without a shadow of a doubt, has got to be the most infamous and prolifically known film antagonist in the history of cinema, a "master of evil," as Kenobi so accurately put it, the... Continue Reading
MORRIS, Illinois - The Morris Operation, located in Morris, Illinois, is the home to the nations only high-level radioactive waste storage facility.   The site, situated next to the Dresden... Continue Reading


SAN FRANCISCO, California - The story of how I came to acquire Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich's New York Times has become the stuff of internet legend... Continue Reading
With the latest wave of Michael Jackson molestation allegations, a call to the wolves was made.  The wolves, in this case, are the throngs of now... Continue Reading
MrDreamTheater2 is in his mom's basement crying, right now.
After the release of The Astonishing, a long-winded album which damn-near required college-level reading just to understand the compositional themes... Continue Reading
NORTHDALE, Florida - It was a bit of a rough night for Cannibal Corpse guitarist, Pat O'Brien, who burned down his own house, broke into another,... Continue Reading
DIJ Exclusive - The metal world has been abuzz with rumors of original producer Ross Robinson's return to the production helm of Slipknot, since band... Continue Reading